December 30

Something in Us Seems to Know
that God Is Within

You are not going to get God. You are not going to surrender yourself to God. You are not even going to allow God to function through you. God is already doing that. All you have to do is know it. If you don’t know, then you think that you are doing it. So as long as you think that you are doing something, let your conscience, which is part of God, guide you. Listen within; it will direct you. It will tell you what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what not to do. It’s always there to guide you. Nobody is without that.

Something in us seems to unconsciously know that God is within. The guidance should come from within. That means you have to close your eyes, close your ears, close your senses to the world outside. Everyone should take at least a little time every day to sit and listen to the inner guidance.

Sincerely ask: “God, tell me what to do. I know You are guiding me. Give me the strength and capacity to listen to You and to follow You. My contact with the outside world through the senses isn’t really helping me. It’s making me more and more miserable.” It’s very true. Sensual experiences will literally take you away from the inner experience. All our miseries come due to our sensual experiences. We are satisfying our senses in every way possible.

Feeding the senses means the ego becomes bigger and bigger. That’s where discipline comes in. If you let loose everything, you can’t achieve anything in life. We don’t say that you shouldn’t enjoy the experience of the senses but do so in a well-disciplined way. There should be a limitation to everything.

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