December 27

Born Free

You are ever free. Born free. Why do people feel the need to have “free time” or vacation time? Whatever you do you’re doing freely if you have the right attitude. A true spiritual seeker shouldn’t discriminate between “free” days and “work” days. Learn to play even while you work. Work is worship. Work is play.

Have fun always. You should never be feeling tense or that you’re working so hard that you need a vacation. Let your vacation be simply a change of work. Real freedom is enjoying whatever you do.

The whole of life is a drama. You’re watching a continuous, constant, unending movie. In that process, if you want to go out on a day off and see a movie go through a projector, go ahead and do it. It’s a change of activity, that’s all.

Whatever you do, play your part well and enjoy it.

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