December 25

Every Day Will Be Your Christmas

“You are the Light of Lights. You are the source of all lights. You are the Sun of Suns, Moon of Moons, Star of Stars. You are the light within and without. You are the Light of the enlightened. Kindly lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of understanding to realize the truth behind all these names and forms.” This is my prayer on this holy occasion.

Every holy day should remind us of our inherent divine nature. At least on that holy day we should forget all of the man-made differences, even the differences that are seen in nature, and rise above these differences to recognize our spiritual oneness.

Don’t just run after things. Look within. Experience that joy, that peace, that Jesus, that Moses, that Allah, that Muhammad, that Buddha. Use any name you want. That’s my sincere wish for you. Think of that. Let this holy day bring this light into you so that you can celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and all the holy days all the time. You don’t need to depend on a calendar, certain months, certain days or certain years. Every day will be your Christmas. Every day you’ll be receiving gifts through your chimney. Santa Claus will be there with you always.

When you begin to sight the glorious inner light,

You drop all ego’s fight, and know the mission right,

You’ll do everything in delight and ever simply feel light.

May the Light of Lights light our lives. May the light of Hanukkah be lit within you. May the Christ light be born in you. May the New Year dawn in you and bring a new life in the spirit. May this holy season inspire you with peace and joy. May God be with you.

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