December 24

If You Are Hungry, Take It, Eat It

Every second God is coming, but we don’t recognize God. How many years went by before Jesus was recognized? By the time Muhammad and Buddha were recognized, half of their lives were gone. So it’s up to us to recognize the spirit. Spirit is always ready, eagerly waiting to help us. We shouldn’t always limit it to a certain particular name and form. That’s our limitation.

Just because you believe in one name, one form, don’t totally deny all the others. “Unless God comes in that form, I won’t believe.” Then who is the loser? You are the loser. It doesn’t matter whether you are served food on china, or on silver, or on a leaf or even in your hand; if you are hungry, take it, eat it. All these names and forms are just vehicles. Let us rise above all this and trust in that spirit.

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