December 23

Christ Is Always There

Question: Please speak about the second coming. Some people say that Christ is now in the world in a physical manifestation.

Sri Gurudev: In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says clearly, “Whenever there is too much unrighteousness in the world, I come to educate people.” That teacher is what you call an avatar or divine incarnation. When such an incarnation comes, nobody can keep it hidden. It will be made known to all. But the name and form will not necessarily be the same each time. That’s where many people make a mistake. They look for another person exactly like Jesus, even in appearance. But it need not be that way. Sometimes you cannot easily recognize such an incarnation until you see the great qualities expressed in his or her life. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not helped until a great avatar comes and is revealed to the world.

God’s spirit is always there. Christ is always there in spirit. Christ may even be seen in some other name, some other form. The great incarnations come mainly when the whole world is in trouble, and everyone really looks for that help and prays. Other than that, individually you may come across your second comings.

The spirit never leaves us alone and goes somewhere, waiting for another time to come. To the spirit, there’s no coming or going. It’s only an expression. God never comes and never goes. God is. And God is omnipresent. From where would God come? Can God leave one place and go to another? Where is the place where God is not? No. When you are ready, God is there. You may call it the “second coming,” but in truth God comes every second.

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