December 22

If You Want to Experience God in Your Life

Just close your eyes and think for a minute, “Does the whole world love me? How many people don’t love me? How many animals don’t love me? How many plants don’t love me?” Then you will know yourself how healthy and happy you are.

God is love. That is the essential teaching from all the scriptures. If we want to experience God, we should express that love in our life, just as God loves everything and everybody. God loves a rat, a cat, a dog, a donkey, a pig, a sinner, a saint, an idiot, a scholar. The most beautiful and the most ugly. A good dancer. The one who doesn’t even know how to walk.

No matter what you are and how you are, you see that unconditional love from God. God never said, “I will love you if only you do this, if only you are like that.” No. Loving without limitations is universal love. And that is God. If you want to experience that God in your life, love everything and everybody as God would love. Unconditionally. Show the same love to one and all. Let nothing get harmed, hurt or pained, even by your thought. It’s possible to develop a life like that. We want everybody to love us, and we don’t want anybody to hate us. In the same way, everybody would want that. Do unto others as you yourself would want it to be done unto you.

Spiritual teaching is very simple. Whether you repeat your mantra or not, whether you practice Hatha Yoga or not, whether you learn all the scriptures by heart or not, who worries about that? But, do you have unconditional love in your life? If you have that, you have everything. 

At least during these beautiful holy days of Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, and Deepavali, let us reaffirm ourselves to lead a life filled with love. That will take care of everything else.

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