December 20

Sometimes You Listen

Question: Who is Satchidananda or what is Satchidananda?

Sri Gurudev: In a way, everyone is satchidananda. Everything is satchidananda. Don’t think that Satchidananda is just the name of one person. All that we see is the form, and there is a name to go with that form. So the differences we see are only in the forms and the names. But if you go a little deeper inside, behind the forms and names, what is it that has taken on this appearance? That essence is what you call satchidananda. Even that is divided into three: sat, chid, ananda.

What is sat? Truth, existence. What is. That is sat. That means the essential reality, the truth or the existence. Chid is knowledge. And ananda is bliss. Existence, knowledge, bliss. That means the knowledge of the existence or the existing one; the Truth reveals itself. Knowledge of that. And then by knowledge comes bliss.

Sat-chid-ananda is the common name for all of us, and for everything also. The Self within you is satchidananda. It directs you continuously. It advises you. Sometimes you listen. We should always listen to that Self.

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