December 2

Have Positive, Positive, Positive Thoughts

Whenever you get into any problem, remember: “I’m not the body, not the mind, immortal Self I am. I am Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute!” Simply blow the depression away. It comes like a cloud and you can blow it away. Shout at the top of your voice, “I am blissful, I am joyful, I am easeful.” You are nothing less than that. Ascertain your true nature.

Don’t constantly hypnotize yourself saying, “Oh, I am a mortal, I am a sinner, I am this, I am that.” You’re not. If you keep on thinking that way, you will become that. As you think, so you become. Think that you are great, you are great. Think that you are hopeless, certainly you will become hopeless. Don’t give room for negative thinking. Always have positive, positive, positive thoughts.

People who pan for gold collect tons of crude rock. If they just saw the crudeness, they would throw it all away. Instead, their eye is on the few ounces of gold hidden within that rock. If you keep your eye on the gold, you won’t get tired of cleaning the rock; and, ultimately, you will get the gold. Never lose sight of the gold in you. You might have accumulated a lot of dirt and dust. It doesn’t matter. Take the time to clean it out. Keep your mind on the gold that you are looking for.

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