December 18

There Is an Unseen Guide Behind Everything

Don’t be concerned with how to set priorities in your service. When your mind is clean and neutral and you are selflessly serving, you will be able to hear your own conscience telling you what is to be done first.

Priority depends on urgency as well as your own capabilities. If someone has just been hit by a car, do you need to worry about your priorities? Obviously you will do what you can to help the person or to get help. If your mind is clean, the right actions will be presented to you right away.

There is a higher intelligence that will tell you immediately what to do. Just follow that direction. There is an unseen Guide behind everything. Let that Guide guide us. If nothing comes to mind right away, pause a minute and ask, “God, what am I to do?” The answer will come. But remember not to use your personal interest in any situation. Stay neutral, then you will know the right thing to do. That is very, very important in deciding priorities.

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