December 16

Everybody Is Needed

Only timid people get intimidated. If you don’t want to be like that, don’t compare yourself with others. You are what you are. Everybody is needed to make the whole drama, the cosmic play. Everybody. The king is needed, the queen is needed, the gatekeeper is needed, the hero is needed, the villain is needed, is it not so? A play has every role. Probably you are just acting your part.

So if you’re a gatekeeper standing in front of the gate while the king is sitting on the throne, why should you feel intimidated? Without you the play can’t be enacted. It’s only during the play that you’re here and he’s there. When the curtain falls, you embrace each other and laugh at it, “Hey, you did very well playing the part of a king.” We all have to play our roles.

What is unimportant in this world? Nothing. God has never created anything that is unimportant. If you think, “I am also equally God’s child. God created me like this. I am happy to be like this,” how can anyone intimidate you? It’s your own wrong notion about yourself. You think little of yourself. You don’t think you are potentially divine. You don’t think that you are the child of God, created by God. If you are a lion cub, and if you forget that and bleat like a lamb, who can help you?

Rise up, exert your birthright, affirm your true nature: “I am that I am. I am nothing less than the image of God.” Then even if someone says, “Hey, you’re a fox,” you will say, “Maybe that’s what you see. I know I am a lion.” Yes. That’s what. Realizing the true nature of the Self will take you away from all these problems. You are the same always, eternally. You are that immortal soul. Nothing less than that. All other things are just temporary. That’s what you call the highest knowledge.

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