December 15

If You Meditate Regularly,
You Will Have No Complaints in Life

Meditation is very important if you want to practice any kind of Yoga. You cannot become a good Karma Yogi without proper meditation, nor a good Bhakti Yogi. Meditation is the sustaining force. And don’t say, “Oh, if I come to meditation I can’t fulfill my other obligations.” Or, “I have to stay up late so I can’t get up that early.” These are all just excuses. They come out of the minds that do not know the importance of it. Meditation takes care of your body and mind and activities.

So I would say that everybody should make a point of meditating. We need the mind. It’s with the mind that we do everything. The mind is our key. If that key is not kept in good shape, how are you going to perform your duties? The one and only way to keep the mind in good shape, to keep the mind clean and sharp, is by meditation. So, make all the effort that’s necessary to be regular in meditation.

If you meditate regularly, you’ll have no complaints in life. All of your problems would solve themselves if you were regular in your meditation. Through meditation, the mind gets the capacity to solve problems and rise above difficulties. The people who complain, “Oh, I am this, I am that, I don’t get this, I don’t get that. I feel this way, I feel that way, physically, mentally,” who have constant complications, would find that it all could be easily burnt out by regular meditation. So please make no excuses for missing that.

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