December 14

Find out the Secret

The first and foremost reason not to have jealousy is that it affects the person himself or herself. If you are jealous, it affects you physically and mentally. It in no way helps you or anyone else. So at least for your own sake, it’s advisable not to have that. Every time you feel that kind of emotion, immediately think, “Is it not affecting me? And who is the cause of it? Myself! So at least for my own sake, I should stop it.”

If you are jealous because you see someone else getting something that you’re not getting, find out the reason. Why is this person or that person getting all the attention or progressing, growing well in everything? What’s the secret of their growth? Think of that, instead of simply feeling jealous. Find out their secret. Jealousy means that when others are doing well, you feel unhappy about it.

If you really look into it, you might find that there’s a nice, good attitude in their lives. Maybe they’re not running after things; they’re contented with what they have. They have more faith, more devotion. They put themselves in the position to receive. By thinking of the good qualities of others, you will also develop them and your life will be so beautiful. Automatically when you feel that contentment, things will come to you by themselves. People will like you, appreciate you too.

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