December 12

Go With Full Confidence

Don’t worry about anything. Worry never brings any benefit to anyone. On the other hand, it spoils even the little that you might do. There is a beautiful saying I read on a daily calendar page many years ago. It said, “Sorrow is nothing but what you borrow.” Nobody is going to give you that. You go and borrow it.

If you don’t care to borrow it, there’s no sorrow for you. That’s all. You are the cause of your worry. Nobody can bring worry to you. If you care, decide not to worry. Remember, worry is not going to bring anything to us. On the other hand, it will sap away even the little energy, the little capacity, that we may have. A worried doctor cannot operate, you all know that. A worried student cannot write an exam. Go with full confidence. Just say, “I’m doing all that I can. That’s it.”

We make things change. Everything takes its own time. We are in a hurry to change things. We want everything instantaneously. Allow nature to have its say. Nature is God. Let our lives be filled with trust in the higher will. Whether it is an individual or an organization or a nation or the whole globe, let it go smoothly in its own time.

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