December 11

That’s Probably Why It’s Called a “Doughnut”

We are all getting fried. Don’t jump out of the pan before you get fried completely. Just be comfortable inside it. If you jump out of the pot, nobody will eat you. Who will eat a half-fried doughnut? That’s probably why it’s called a “doughnut: do-not jump out.” So have complete trust in God; everything else will happen by itself. Your life will be smooth sailing. Let’s not have unnecessary worry over anything.

Yes, I know sometimes we are even worried about the future of the world, “What will happen? They are all piling up arms and ammunition and nuclear this and that.” What are you going to accomplish with your worry? Worrying doesn’t help. If you remain calm and peaceful, you will know what to do. Just do your part and leave the rest to God.

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