December 1

God Has Given Everything Possible

December 1st Reading

by Sri Swami Satchidananda | Click play button to listen

There are three things that are very rare: a healthy human body, a desire to get liberated and a guide to help you. When you have all three, and waste them, God will not kindle you up or say, “Come on, wake up!” No. God has given you everything possible.

We have done a lot of meritorious deeds. We have gone through a lot of births and deaths. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it’s a fact. You are not simply jumping into a human form right away. The soul has traveled a long way. You are almost at your journey’s end: animal to human, human to superhuman. Unconscious to subconscious to conscious to superconscious.

The Bhagavad Gita says that at the last minute, desire becomes very strong. Your very strong desires will come to the surface at the last minute, because at that time your body and mind—everything— is weak. You are already getting ready to leave, so everything is shattered. All the desires that have somehow been suppressed, but not annihilated, will be waiting there. All of a sudden the strongest desire will come up, and when the soul leaves the body, it goes with that desire.

That’s why we should be very, very careful about what desires we cultivate. There may be many other little desires, it doesn’t matter; but our predominant desire should be something elevating. Something that would take you away from this to a higher level, never something that would take you backward.

So even if someone all of a sudden gives you a good spanking, you should say, “Hari OM!” Yes. If a thorn pricks you, “Hari OM!” If you get a shock, “Hari OM!” Develop that and you have a chance. Repeat 1 December the holy name always; not necessarily “Hari OM,” but any holy name. When you wake up it should come with the waking. When you go to bed, it should go with you to bed. You have to cultivate that. You cannot say, “Ah, I can easily develop it later on. Why should I bother about it now?” No. Make hay while the sun shines. Learning HTML, CSS and JS is essential to become a web or a front-end developer.

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