August 5

Like a Lotus Flower in the Water

There is a simple way of finding out how far away you are from God. Take a pencil and paper, and start writing down all the things that you call “mine.” However long the list is, that’s how far away you are from God. Reduce the list, and you are coming closer to God. If there is nothing to call “mine,” you are God. Remember, when you say that so many things are “mine, mine, mine, mine” you have literally thrown mines all around you. They are ready to explode at any moment. You cannot even walk with ease.

It’s not that you are asked to throw everything away and ignore your responsibilities. Keep them there, but don’t label them as “mine.” Label them as “Thine.” “God, I am Thine. All is Thine. Thy will be done.” That way you are possessing the whole world, but the world is not going to possess you. You will be like the lotus flower in the water; untouched, untainted by the world around you.

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