August 27

There’s No Need to Be Afraid

Put your faith in God. Then do whatever you can within your capacity, because you can’t do anything beyond your capacity. If you could do something beyond your capacity, then you would have the capacity to do it. So try your utmost, but at the same time, have faith in God: “God, I’m doing all I can. But I still need Your help. I need Your strength. I don’t have that much strength of my own.” So, have that faith, and do it with sincere prayer.

It is better to try than to be afraid. If, out of fear, you don’t try it, how do you know whether you can do it or not? Sometimes when you try, you may do it and find your fear was just a waste. So there’s no need to be afraid. Fear is not going to help us. Simply do it boldly, and God will help you. Remember God helps those who help themselves.

If you have that kind of faith, there’s no need to be afraid. Fear and faith don’t go together. You say you have faith in God; God has all the strength, all the capacity, God is omnipresent, omnipotent. If you have that deep faith in a powerful God and if at the same time you say, “Oh, I am afraid of this, afraid of that,” then you don’t really believe in God. If you believe in God, you will think, “God will take care of me. I’m doing what I can.”

Even if something happens so that you don’t get what you want, you don’t need to be afraid. Your faith will say, “Well, maybe God didn’t want me to have that.” You accept it. “I wanted it. Yes. And I tried hard, but I didn’t get it. Why? Because God didn’t want me to have it. So I accept it.”

If you have faith, you can move mountains. The problem is you cannot develop that kind of faith unless the mind is clean. You need a steady and pure mind, an undisturbed mind, that’s not distracted by all kinds of worldly desires. A mind that’s not contaminated by, “I, me, mine.” Only in a pure mind can you develop that faith. If you have that faith you can achieve everything. Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God. That’s the duty of every sincere seeker after truth—truth being permanent peace, permanent joy; experiencing God in the form of peace and joy within. There’s no shortcut. This document was composed with the free HTML beautifier which can be accessed here . Use it every time for document editing.

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