August 24

Let Us Play Our Roles Well

Peace, contentment, not running after anything is what you call the kingdom of God. Once you achieve that kingdom of God, what will happen? Everything else will be running after you. Know that by knowing which everything else is known. Instead of running after things, let things run after you. Just be contented in your own peace and joy. Remain in the world, but offer your service to others, as the peace within you, the God within you, would prompt you. If God places you in a situation, fulfill that job. If God has hired you to be a wife, be a wife. Who knows, in the next birth God might hire you as a husband. Whatever role you are given, whatever makeup you put on, act your part very well.

We are all playing different parts in the drama. I have been given the part of a swami; you all have put on different makeup to sit there and listen to the swami. It’s a drama. Tonight’s performance. When the curtain falls, there’s no swami and no audience. Ultimately, all the chess pieces go into the same box. Before, there was no difference. After, there is no difference. In between, all these differences come because you have to play different parts. So let’s play our roles well for the sake of the common good. Not for any selfish reason. That will help us to experience supreme peace at all times.

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