August 20

The Conscience Is the Same in Everyone

Question: Should I ask, “What is Thy Will?” for every decision, every day? Is that self-help, or am I being too dependent?

Sri Gurudev: In the beginning, until we learn what God’s Will is, we have to be dependent. Who is the One who wills, and who is the one who wants to know the will? Both are within you. Your own spirit, which is the image of God or the Cosmic Soul, acts according to the Cosmic Will.

So if you are asking to know God’s Will, you are asking your own conscience. In that case, your will is: Let Thy Will be done, not my egoistic will. In other words, follow your conscience, not your ego. Ego is your will; the will of the conscience is God’s Will. Egos differ from person to person; but the conscience is the same, in everybody, in everything. Because we see many consciences, but the sum total of them is what you call Superconsciousness.

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