August 2

You Can Enjoy The Same

For one month live a totally surrendered life. Try that life for a while. For a sample week, or a sample month. Just say, “Let God take care of me. And let me do my duty. Whatever God has given me to do, let me fulfill it.” That means wherever you are, God has placed you there. God has given you some job, you are doing it. I don’t say that you should not have ambition. Have the biggest ambition.

What is the biggest ambition? To maintain your peace. Yes. Let that be your ambition. “I have to maintain my peace at all costs. I am ready to give up anything and everything for the sake of peace.” That’s your biggest goal. And that’s what you call God. Peace is your God. “For the sake of God, I am ready to renounce everything.” That means God and Peace are one and the same. God and Happiness are one and the same.

I am simply telling you what I have been doing all these years. By following this truth, I am living a worriless life. There’s nobody or nothing that can rob me of my peace and happiness. If you have a bigger goal, all right, go ahead and try it. But if you think this is your goal, then try it; I am sure you will enjoy that peace.

If you think that I am really happy and peaceful, there is no need to envy me. You can enjoy the same. It’s not anybody’s monopoly. Every one of you can enjoy this. God is our Father and Mother. God has not given nice things only to one person or two persons and not the other people. God has given this wealth to all equally. It’s everybody’s property. If we don’t enjoy it, it’s not God’s fault.

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