August 16

But If You Can Do Something

Question: I hate fighting and find it very upsetting. Even fighting among dogs. Is there any way I can overcome being disturbed by it?

Sri Gurudev: You might not like fighting, but don’t hate it. Hating is worse than fighting. Dogs fight, and the next minute they’re together hugging each other. But when you hate, you keep on hating. So if you don’t want to see fighting, you should learn to stay away from hating. What can you do when dogs fight? That’s their nature. We are not going to stop everything in nature. But if you can do something instead of hating the fighting, do it. Maybe the dogs are fighting over a piece of bread. Buy a number of pieces and throw them everywhere so that each dog will have one. Then probably they won’t fight. But if you hate, you lose the capacity to do something to stop the fighting.

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