August 15

God Will Answer Your Prayers

God is everywhere. You can talk to anything or anybody, and God will be present through that. A small stone or piece of paper can answer you. A picture or a small light can answer you. If you are looking for God in those things, it is not just a piece of paper or a stone or a piece of metal that you will see. It is God. That is what you are looking for, and that is what you see. When you sincerely look for God, God has to be present there and do God’s part.

In this age, God is more kind and more merciful. God doesn’t demand much austerity. Even a little giving is enough. In those days when everything was beautiful, God demanded more. In this age, God knows that there are a lot of things to distract you. If you are going to think of God even a little in the midst of all the distractions, that is a tremendous thing. God will love you more. God does not look for quantity, but for quality.

Even if a little bit of sincere prayer is offered once from a devoted heart, that prayer will be answered. If your prayer is not answered, don’t blame God. Probably it did not come from a one hundred percent sincere heart. Be more sincere. Cry and weep. Probably you might feel ashamed or embarrassed if you do that in front of others. So shut your door. Then there is no one else there but you and God. You can be totally free from any shame. And God will answer your prayers. There is no doubt about it. Let us develop that kind of faith and trust in God. Surrender to God, and receive all the guidance. God is ready to pour out Grace and guidance if we are ready to receive it.

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