August 12

God Is Nearer to You Than Your Own Heart

Question: How can I truly know without any doubt that God is with me every moment? So often it seems that I am alone and on my own.

Sri Gurudev: God is with you every second. If not, you wouldn’t even be living. This is the proof. In order to live, you have to breathe. Are you breathing consciously every minute? Who is making you breathe? The One who wants you to live. And that’s what you call God. Yes. Breathing itself is not in your hands. If you forget to breathe, God will make you breathe. Even if you don’t want to breathe, God will force you to breathe.

Can you exhale and stop breathing? No. The air is forced back into the body. Who does that? Somebody is interested in your living. God is in you, working through your body and mind every minute. There’s no doubt about it. Believe in that, and allow God’s hand to work through you. Your life will be better, easier and more happy. You are never alone. God is nearer to you than your own heart.

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