April 3

God’s Club

I f you want to become a member of God’s club, get all the qualifications needed to become a member. Only a rich person can go to the rich people’s club. Only a spiritual person can go to the spiritual people’s club.

If you want God, become God soon. Until you become God, you will never understand what God is. Have you ever seen God sick and dirty and eating all the wrong things? No. So you should eat what God eats. God’s altar is neat and tidy, clean, absolutely pure, not even a speck of dust. But you go to your room and it’s a junk yard. And you want God. Let your very life reflect God’s purity. Your place, your body and your mind should be that pure, as pure as God; then you will see God.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God.” That means you have to raise yourself to that caliber. You should be that pure. Otherwise, just crying for God is not going to help you much. Think, why is it you are not getting God, you are not experiencing God? What prevents you? Eliminate all these things. Purify yourself. That’s what you call tapasya or austerity. Fire is the best purifier. There’s nothing greater than fire to burn out all the dust, all the junk. Burn yourself in the fire of the holy name. Your own mantra is a fire. Kindle it up. Let it blaze in you. Burn out all your sins and toxins. And the moment you come to the same level of purity, I don’t have to tell you what will happen to you.

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