April 28

You Are Making It Shine More

Once, two children were talking to each other. One child said, “If you show me where God is, I’ll give you an apple.” The other child looked around and said, “I’ll give you two apples if you show me where God is not!”

God, as holy vibration, is everywhere. It is not that you are filling a place with that holy vibration; you are making it express, making it shine more. Imagine a plain stone. Keep rubbing it and it will begin to shine. It will reflect light. If you just leave it crude, it won’t reflect the light. By polishing it more, you make it express what was always there.

There are holy vibrations in every place, but it is in our hands to make it a holy place. Sometimes, even if it is a holy place, if we don’t reinforce that sanctity, the place will slowly lose its expression of holiness. If you begin to do business or carry on worldly matters there, eventually that high vibration will no longer shine forth. The vibration is to be brought out and expanded. It is the people who come with good intentions and do the spiritual practices who bring out the holy vibrations already existing in a place. In essence, it is the people coming to worship who make it holy.

Some places are holy even before people come to worship there. That is due to the birth of a saint or an event in the life of a saint that took place there. Many holy places are the spots where the bodies of saints are buried. Because their entire personality vibrates with that holy vibration, their bodies are not cremated. Instead, the body is buried so that everything the saint used or touched—including the body—will be there to keep on emitting that holiness. It is because of the presence of the saint that the place manifests that vibration. 

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