April 24

Welcome the Disturbance

Question: You often say, “Don’t do anything that would disturb your peace.” If someone has an irrational fear, should he or she try to get over it by doing the feared thing, even though this might disturb the person’s peace?

Sri Gurudev: In this situation you are consciously trying to get over a phobia. At first, facing it will cause a disturbance; but you should welcome that kind of disturbance. Why? Because the phobia is disturbing you all the time, and this other disturbance is purposely created by you in order to make you well. You are getting some pain in order to get a real gain. If you understand that you are doing it for ultimate benefit, the temporary disturbance of your peace is not going to affect you. The ultimate motive is more important.

Though on the surface you might seem to be getting more disturbed for a short time, within yourself you feel happy about it. There’s nothing wrong with getting disturbed in such a way for a good cause.

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