April 22

What Else Do You Want?

O ur understanding is really very, very limited. Still we try to understand why God is doing this and that. It is not possible. For a long time I had this saying on my stationery: “It’s all Your Name. It’s all Your Form. It’s all Your Deed. And it’s all for good.” Since childhood I believed that, and I have never regretted having that belief. It is that knowledge which keeps me peaceful; I never get upset over anything because it’s all for good.

Maybe you will say, “Oh, that’s an easy way of escaping;” but all I get is peace. That is something more precious to me than everything in the world. You may call it escapism or blind faith. Whatever it is, I am retaining my peace. That’s what I want. Because of that peace, I am always joyful and happy. I don’t need to worry about anything. If you have peace and joy, what else do you want?

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