April 18

If You Say “Okay,” Let It Happen

Don’t waste your time in thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Some of the astrologers might be a little unhappy with me for saying that. They have a job to do; fine, let them do it. They are also needed. But don’t get caught up in these things. You can rise above your planets. Don’t get attached to thinking, “What is your sign? I am an Aquarius. Are you a Taurus? A Capricorn?” You are not any of that. You are the pure Self. Your body and mind have limitations, it is true; but you can rise above them.

It really doesn’t help much to know the future. If God had wanted you to know your future, it would have been easy for God to leave the door open. God knew that it would not be beneficial for you, so God shut the door. It’s the same for the past; it’s better if you don’t remember all the past lives. If you remembered it all, you would still have hundreds of enemies. You might forget all your friends, but you will remember your enemies. Isn’t it better to forget them?

Let’s not waste time on all these things. Think of the golden present. Enjoy the present. You might still ask, “Don’t you think I should at least plan a little bit for my immediate future?” All right, make your plans; but remember: after you make your plans, submit it to God. “If You say ‘Okay,’ let it happen. If not, I won’t worry.”

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