April 15

Your Faith in Jesus Washed Your Karma

Question: Is it proper to say that Jesus took the karma of man upon himself? Is this the same as other masters assuming the karma of their disciples?

Sri Gurudev: The masters or prophets or sages don’t take away your karma. They can, but normally they don’t. Instead, they give you the strength to face your karma and purge it out. It’s not right for someone to take away your karma. You are the cause of your karma. You sowed it, and you have to reap it. What you conceived another cannot deliver.

If you really believe the Bible and if you think, “Yes, Jesus took my karma the day I accepted him in my life,” then why should you even worry about it? That means you have some doubt. Why? Because it’s not that easy. The impure mind will not even allow you to accept the truth. But if you really feel, “Yes, he took my karma and I am completely free from it,” then you are free. That does not mean that he took your karma away. How did you get yourself free from karma? By faith. Your faith in Jesus washed your karma. He himself said that, did he not? “Your faith has saved you, your faith has made you whole.” If you don’t have faith, even Jesus cannot do that, and would not do that.

And why can’t you have that faith? Because your own mind is still unclean. It won’t harbor that kind of faith. Though you want to have the faith, you are not yet ready. That’s why Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God.” Even to have that kind of faith, you should have that kind of perfect purity.

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