April 14

Develop the Will

Why do people do bad things if they already know what is right and what is wrong? Because of lack of will. We know what is wrong but we don’t have the will power to stay away from that. How can one develop the will? By discipline and by regular practice. You develop that will by doing little, little, little things. Don’t start with a big job that you cannot easily do; if you fail, you will lose confidence. Accomplishing small things will improve your self-confidence. You will be happy, “Oh, I did it.” Then one day, even the biggest thing will be the easiest thing for you.

Will means application of the mind. Training the mind. Making the mind work in a positive way. It’s achieved slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly. It’s easy to say, “Oh, I’m not made for that. It’s too much for me. Not everyone can do that.” Such excuses are self-delusion. Without will, we cannot achieve anything.

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